Benji Pays feature requests

Feature requests for

  1. Vanity URL for Customer Portal

    Allow a vanity URL to be used for the customer portal. This requires updates to authentication and other security controls in the customer portal application to ensure security is maintained and avoid the potential for phishing etc.

    Adam Crandall
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  2. Late fee automation

    Create a mechanism to generate late fees, automatically added to the accounting system. Following requirements: Do not alter existing invoices to avoid altering past financial periods - Likely generate a new "late fee" invoice Configurable rules to include / exclude clients, ignore certain invoices etc. Percentage based, with different percentages for different time periods Continue to generate late fee invoices until original invoice is paid

    Adam Crandall
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  3. For Bambora ACH / EFT - create the settlement deposit transaction in the accounting system

    Once the bambora batch has settled, create the final deposit transaction in the accounting system to aid with reconciliation.

    Baruch B
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  4. 📨 Automated email reminders for overdue and upcoming invoices as well as new invoice emails

    Have a way to have emails sent automatically based on settings in Benji Pays for the following: New invoice created Invoice overdue x days (multiple settings for this, e.g. 10 days, 30 days, 45 etc) Invoice coming due / auto payment reminder in x days (multiple settings for this)

    Adam Crandall
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  5. Statements of Account from BenjiPays

    Ability to email out of benji pays a statement of account to a customer.

    Austin R


  6. Create a button instead of a link for the Customer Portal on the bottom of invoices sent out to customers

    The link at the bottom of the emails is hard to see and it is unclear if it should be clicked or not. Let's add a button for the customer portal to these emails.

    Amber MacMullin
    #New Feature 🆕#Customer Portal 🚪


  7. Set credit card surcharge per customer or per card type

    It would be great to have the ability to set diffrent surcharge amount per customer or per card type. For example Amex card charge different surcharge then others As of now there is only one set amount across the board. Having the flexibility to change it either per customer or per card type etc would be very beneficial

    Joel S
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  8. update RECEIPT EMAIL to show payment method for VISA DEBIT (it curretly shows a debit payment as a VISA payment)

    Is it possible to modify the way that Benji shows that payment on the receipt email so it says Payment type: "VISA debit" - instead of "VISA" to clarify the payment method?

    justin l


  9. Mobile version

    Have an app or a mobile version for sending an invoice to a client on the go.

    Erez E


  10. Display past due invoices in the dashboard

    Show invoice statistics visually in the dashboard. Particularly past due invoice counts and total amount, for example.

    Donald P
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  11. Different auto-pay payment profiles for different invoice types within an account

    For example, monthly recurring service fees are auto processed through ACH and other invoices for hardware purchases are auto processed to a credit card or a different ACH account. Could be based on Xero branding themes / QuickBooks Payment Terms, memo or reference field.

    Avery Davidow
    #Auto Processing


  12. Display whether customer has opened the invoice sent from Benji Pays

    This is a feature on QBO that is really nice, where we can see if the customer has opened, and viewed the invoice.

    Alex von h


  13. Allow customers to connect their bank accounts by authenticating with their online banking

    User a service like or to allow users to connect their banking details by loging into their online banking in addition to allowing them to enter their banking information manually. This can improve Approval rates and reduce the risk of account infomation being entered incorrectly. There may be a nominal cost to this.

    Adam Crandall
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  14. Allow merchants to process a payment for multiple invoices at once.

    The plan here is to bring the new payment modal concepts from our Self Serve customer portal into the main application, allowing for a single stop to select 1 or more invoices, enter the amounts (if not paying the full amounts) and add a new payment method all at once.

    Adam Crandall
    #Improvement 👍


  15. Customer portal (Impersonate as user)

    I would like to be able to open the customer portal as a client (impersonate) however, limited to view only. This would be helpful in walking our clients through how to navigate the system. see what they see and be aware of any changes visually or functionally that need to be made.

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